Am I at risk of heart attack or stroke if I have high cholesterol and anxiety and panic attack? Mormal 2decho jan 2013, ecg, threadmill stress test

A bit. Good choices non smoking weight control exercize cholesterol control-.
Reduce your risk. Well, yes and no. In general, females that have yet to go through menopause have a much lower incidence of heart disease. It is true that high cholesterol is a risk factor and that having excessive stress/anxiety over the long term is damaging to your body, in terms of the negative impact stress has on your body. Stress raises your cortisol level, leading to chronic inflammation, and disease.
Framingham Risk. Using a respected calculator, the framingham risk calculator (you can google this), assuming a high cholesterol of 250 and normal BP of 130 (even better if lower), your risk of a heart attack is.