My breast size is to big and heavy. It annoys me - any home remedy to reduce breast size?

Loose weight. Only natural way is to loose breast size is to loose weight, due to weight of breasts if you have constant back pains, shoulder pains may need, breast reduction surgery by plastic surgeon, .
Sadly, no. Other than weight loss, the only other options are surgical: either traditional breast reduction or liposuction of the breast.

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Is there any home remedy to increase my girlfriend breast size?

Yes. A 21 year old male wants to know a natural way for his female friend to increase her breast size. In fact there is a way to do this. The breasts consist in great part of fat. If she were to eat fatty foods and increase her general fat deposition, her breasts would increase in size. Otherwise there are no pills, herbs, vitamins, energy devices, or exercises to make female breasts bigger.

Are there any exercises, foods, or home remedy I could do to make my breast size increase?

Breast size is. Likely to ^ w puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding ; possibly prior to your period. You can build up chest muscles w exercise ; weight lifting but it will not ^ the amt. Of fatty tissue. There are no pills, herbs or machines that will ^ breast size. Breast augmentation is surgical enlargement. A padded bra will ^ appearance of volume. A supportive, well fitting bra can also enhance appearance.