I am a diabetic. I went for blood work yesterday! All hemotology resulys within normal range, except neutrophil is 71. Should I be panic-stricken? Have appt. With dr., but not for few days

Not to worry. This is not a concerning lab test at all. Neutrophils are a normal part of your blood count, and at 71% this is not that far off from normal that any thing of significance is happening. Glad all your other labs are great and keep u the good health!
Not at all. I often wish labs wouldn't even report these percentages. Absolute counts and percentages of lymphocytes and neutrophils fluctutate wildly and as far as i can tell chaotically, usually with no clear relationship to anything. If abnormal cells had turned up on the smear, that might be concerning, but if so, you would have been told. Your physician will probably tell you the same.