I can't stop thinking about alcohol. Am I addicted?

CAGE. Is it hard to stop at one drink when you imbibe? A sense that you cannot do so and feel a loss of control about quantity ingested. If others have confronted you, how do you respond? Angry, dismissive, exclude them from your social circle. Do you feel guilty about how much you are drinking? Do you ever ingest in the morning - eye openers? If positive to two or more, you may be alcohol addicted.
One day at a time. Although your thoughts dictate your actions, it's important to realize that the reverse of this is also true. That is, your words and actions can greatly influence your thoughts, and steer your mind in another direction. And as soon as you get your mind off of alcohol you'll be less likely to drink it later on in the day. "thoughts become purpose, purpose become actions, actions become habit".