Will breast biopsy make your breast damaged and possibly have a problem in lactation in the future?

Not likely. Usually a breast biopsy is by stereotactic means. This is the insertion of a needle into the breast. The amount of damage done to the breast is relatively small and should not significantly impact on the overall function of the breast in producing milk. If the biopsy is via surgery the damage may overall be more but again should not impact on the overall function.

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3rd f/u u/s after breast biopsy-distortion had faded and smaller. U/s report said no suspicious findings. Biopsy was benign lactation changes. Good?

Fading lesion good. A resolving abnormality is what you want to see. When the level of "suspicious" characteristics declines sufficiently, no further ultrasound follow-up should be necessary unless a new lump or additional symptoms develop. Read more...