Lower right abdominal pain, not appendix on ultrasound. What else is down there?

Depends. If you are female could be ovarian, or in either sex a ureteral/kidney stone, hernia, constipation.
Intestine, Ovary,etc. Other organs (and their diseases) in the right lower abdomen include the small intestine (crohn's dz), large intestine (diverticulitis), fallopian tube (abscess) and ovary (ruptured cyst, torsion). While an ultrasound can be very useful for eval of the ovary, it is not reliable for diagnosing appendicitis--the gold standard is a ct of the abdomen.

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Lower right abdomen pain for 33 days. Appendix shown healthy on ultrasound. Had no other symptoms during these days. Should I be worried?

More information plz. When does it hurt? Is there a time of the day when the pain is present or worse? Does eating make it better or worse? Is it related to a particular food? Are you having normal bowel movements? The first thing I would recommend is to keep a food and symptom log for several days. Write down everything you eat and when the pain happens. Then take that to your doctor. It will help narrow it down. Read more...