Can alcoholism make me sterile?

Yes. Drinking too much alcohol can affect your fertility. Alcoholism can affect the hormone system of your body, as well as affect the nutrition that you get out of food. These effects may resolve after you stop drinking, or they may become permanent. However, you should not count on alcohol making you sterile or impossible to father or conceive a child. Also, you should not drink while pregnant.
Yes. Alcoholism leads to impotence in men 70-80% of the time, including testicular atrophy, infertility and decreased libido. Moderate alcohol abuse can also increase the risk of infertility in women and alcohol abuse during pregnancy has a 50-70% chance of causing fetal abnormalities.
Maybe. Severe alcoholism can lead to liver disease and in some cases cirrhosis and liver failure. In any cases of extreme alcohol consumption you may be prone to hypogonadism or "lower function" of your gonads (ovaries or testicles). In essence heavy alcohol consumption can negatively affect your fertility but can only make you "sterile" in extreme cases usually those associated with liver failure.