Is alcoholism all bad?

Nothing Good. Alcoholism damages the body, destroys the liver, weaknes the heart and cause dementia. These are the three major organs to sustain life. It also destroys relationships and work productivity. So I am sorry but i cannot find anything good in this. If you are using alcohol as a sedative or pain reliever there are better alternatives.
Alcoholism=a disease. Unfortunately, Alcoholism, or Chronic Alcohol Dependence is a disease and it's a particularly bad one at that. Alcohol adversely effects every organ system in the body (except the kidneys). Alcoholism means that a person has lost control of their drinking, and the person's drinking has caused major problems in their lives. People have problems with their marriages, the law, their jobs, etc.
It' depends. The active disease of alcoholism is bad. It can be very obvious in its destruction, like being hit by a mac truck. Or it can be subtle and smoldering to the individual and loved ones often because they don't know any better and just don't know what "healthy" is, or are scared to find out. Getting in recovery from the disease can be life changing, profound, and is not to be missed.
Yes and no. The active disease is absolutely devastating! it takes no prisoners. No one gets off easy. Not friends, not families, not bosses or employees, especially not the alcoholic. However, the folks at celebrate recovery like to say that "god never wastes a hurt." the trick is that it takes years and years of hard work to redeem that hurt. Getting help early saves a lot of heartache.
Yes . Yes all alcoholism is bad unless it is in recovery.....So recovered alcoholism is good.