What made you decide to go into obstetrics and gynecology?

I love OB/GYN. When I was a medical student, OB/GYN was the speciality that I feel in love with. I love working with women at the various different stages of their lives- from menarche to pregnancy to menopause. Its a speciality where you get the opportunity to have an amazing relationship with your patients because you get to experience some of the most intimate and important times in their lives.
Moms and babies. I became a physician to help people. I became a obstetrician and gynecologist to take care of woman at all ages including the special time of bringing babies into the world.
Happy . Most the time we deal with healthy people going through pregnancy. This makes it a happy profession. We get to do surgery as well as primary care. You get to develop long-term relationships with the patients that we care for and guide them through many different life changes.