Where can I get help for my alcoholism?

Alcoholism Help. I commend you for your desire to get help for Your Alcoholism. Let Wise Person within you ask: •Duration of Alcoholism? •Effect on marriage, relationships, work, and finances? •Conviction to overcome Alcoholism; and reasons for it? See a Psychiatrist for •Therapy to understand use of Alcohol and its effects, •To learn coping skills to deal with stresses of life •Attend AA Meetings regularly.
AA. Tried and true. Start your search with your local alcoholics anonymous chapter. They usually have multiple meetings at all different times in nearly every town. They will also have additional resource in your area they can direct you to.
Alcoholism. Attending group meetings is a must, to gain social support & guidance. Look them up thru your local mental health center. Wish you well.
AA. Try alcoholics anonymous. You can find their website at: www.Aa.Org. Then, find a meeting near by and attend the meeting. Try and attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Then, come back here to healthtap and let us know about your success. Good luck.