Severe intrarticular comminuated fracture of radius, ulna and avulsion stylod six months ago with shifting while in cast still pain palm near thumb?

Palm and thumb pain. Can be due to many things, post fracture joint issues, things that have nothing to do with the actual fracture such as arthritis or tendonitis and some things that overlap , a careful followup exam and good follow up xrays may help sort this out.
that's a statement. ?Is. Why do you have pain still? Many women of ur age do have some arthritis @ the base of the thumb which may not have been symptomatic, but the distal radial fx involves the metacarpals support to the thumb. Now with the fx less than in optimal position it will effect the mechanics of your thumb and now the c-mc joint of the thumb may b the culprit. Get in 4 a follow up visit by ur surgeon.