Friend diagnosed stage 4 inoperable lung cancer and adrenals in march. Did 6 rounds aggresive chemo. Lung mass shrank but in 3 months back. Lymph, prognosis?

Stage IV lung CA. We really have no treatment that will get rid of lung ca that has spread beyond the lung..Stage iv. Treatment can sometimes slow things down but often doesn't even do that. Ca that has become visible on x-rays after only 3 months is very fast growing...You should spend as much time with your friend as you can, now.
Probably poor. Life expectancy is often given as a median - the time at which we would expect 50% of the people to have died. But some can live much shorter, others much longer than the average. The important thing now is to support your friend so as to make whatever time is left as good as possible. Cancer patients often say that friends stop visiting because they are uncomfortable with the idea of death.
Genearally- months. Unfortunately, in general, the average prognosis is in the range of months. It depends partly on functional level: is your friend resting most of the time or still up an around? Getting the answer from a palliative care team can also help with symptoms and even increase life expectancy. It can be received while getting tumor-directed therapy is stopped.