I had a endoscopy done a few months back...A hiatus hernia was found in the ge junction and in the cardia...Does this mean I have two hernias?

Probablythe same one. The cardia is at the top of the stomach ; the ge junction is at the bottom of the esophagus, so its sounds like your endoscopist was just being detailed in his/her description. Please call your doctor ; ask him/her your question to get a most accurate response ; better assess hernia size ; reduciblity (since after all he/she was the one inside looking).
Probably nothing. Small hiatal hernias are very common, and of almost no clinical significance. Many people with gerd symptoms do not even have a hernia, and many hernia patients have no gerd symptoms. Large hital hernias, also called paraesophageal hernias, are potentially more serious, and desrve at least a consultation with a surgeon experienced in laparoscopic repair.