If no one is around and you get a heart attack in the pool, you are dead?

If a tree falls... If your alone in a pool how will anyone know you had a heart attack? Seriously, if you have chest pain call 911 and get help. Go to american heart association website and learn about the signs of heart attacks.
No. Heart attacks cause symptoms and people seek assistance. The most common symptoms are chest pain and difficulty breathing. Heart attacks should not be confused with cardiac arrest. Whether this happens in a pool or in your home, the chances of survival are poor. The exception is if it occurs in a hospital or other facility with resuscitation equipment and trained personnel.

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Friend, 63 dropped dead at work of heart attack. Smoker & drinker but thin. Likely CAD or sudden death vtach type? Would he have had warning (pain)?

Not always. Cardiac arrest and or an arrhythmia do not always have warning signs. Every person is different and presents in different ways. A heart attack classically presents with some combination of chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, sweating, shaking heart racing or none of the above.
Only he knows. If he did. There can be warning signs or it can be sudden without much warning.

Could I have had a heart attack? I'm a 37 yr. Old female, I've had high blood pressure for 7 yrs. I'm on a beta blocker. About 7 days ago, I awoke from a dead sleep with a pain in the middle of my chest. It wasn't excruciating, but painful; hard to describ

Hello.. Hello. I don't know if you experienced a heart attack. Here are possible symptoms of a heart attack chest pain, tightness, squeezing or fullness is the most common presentation. However the pain can also present in the upper back, the upper middle abdomen, jaw, head, teeth or in the arms (left more than right). One could have nausea, vomiting or it could feel like indigestion or heartburn. Feeling short of breath, sweating and just feeling out of sorts can also occur. About a fourth of people have no significant symptoms during a heart attack. It is clear that you are quite worried about this. I suggest that you see your primary care provider. That provider can refer your for specialty consultation or studies if indicated. Take care.
Possible. As you can imagine, online consultants will not be able to diagnose “heart attack”; given your concerns, best to be seen by your primary care doctor in the near future. Best wishes.

How to get a heart attack, and how to prevent one?

MI... A heart attack, or myocardial infarction, occurs when the blood flow to a portion of the heart muscle is cut off. Prevention entails keeping your blood pressure controlled, keeping your cholesterol controlled, avoiding smoking or quitting if you do as well as regular exercise. Your doctor can help with all of this so regular check-ups is important as well.

Can one get a heart attack even if his 2d echo is normal?

Heart attack. A normal 2d echo in a patient who is having acute chest pain makes it unlikely the patient is having a heart attack at that time. A normal 2d echo on a random exam does not mean that a subsequent heart attack can't happen.
Muscular function. And ischemia (lack of blood flow) are 2 separate entities...A normal echo cannot predict risk for heart attack.

My dad had a heart attack this morning and I'm scared, will he get another one?

Possible. Need to sort out vessels involved, amount of damage and corrections. Risk factr reductions will be important- non smoking, weight control, diet etc!

My dad had a heart attack this morning and I'm scared. Could he get another one soon?

Yes but!!! There is always that chance but I assume your father went to the hospital. He may have had an emergency cardiac cath with or without stent. If not, he is probably on antiplatelet/hypetensive medications, cholesterol medication, Aspirin etc. Normally, an interventional cardiologist will evaluate all of the coronaries and decide which ones need treatment. Sometimes, the patient needs surgery.
Possible. But since he has a diagnosis, the docs will treat and evaluate and decide about cardiac studies, catheterization and angiogram and see if he is a candidate for dilation-stenting, or coronary artery bypass.

Could one get a new artery transplanted in their heart after a heart attack?

Heart Attack. A Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) transplants a vein from your leg to carry blood to the underserved part of the heart.

I'm not sure, but should there be a time gap between heart attack (1st one) and when you get angiography done?

Some choices. Some have angio during first event! If stable and found later, do after adequate review of echo, renal function, etc. Can be anytime but usually in a month.