If my bell's palsy facial paralysis hasn't gone away after a year will it ever go away?

Unlikely. Most people with true bell's palsy will recover most or all of their facial movement with time. Some will have permanent paralysis or weakness. If your face has not improved at all then you should see an ENT specialist for more evaluation. It is possible that you have another problem that has caused your facial paralysis such as a tumor growth and this should be checked.
Maybe a little. After a year usually improvement is not going to be significant. Depending on the severity of your impairment there are options that can be explored to help. There are plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons who have special expertise in facial reanimation.
Probably not. Usually, if after 6 months if it hasn't resolved, then chances are small that it will resolve completely.
Visit an expert. After a year with bell's palsy, it is likely that your facial paralysis will not improve much more. It is important that you visit an expert to make sure there is not something else going on. I do commonly treat patients like yourself living with permanent facial paralysis with advanced facial reanimation procedures. Physical therapy may also be beneficial to regain some facial muscle movement.