I'm getting really fed up of the constipation situation. Any new meds that don't cause diarrhea?

Package & deliver. Constipation will occur when the residual poo remains too long in the large colon & extracts too much moisture.One basic self rx is to begin scheduled emptying, regardless of body urges, several times a day.On arising, after meals, whenever, to draw the poo along toward the outlet.Avoid constipating foods.Starting the rehab with an enema & following up with a wetting agent like MiraLAX (polyethylene glycol) may help.
Get checked. May have motility problem or structural problem. Many patients are sent to me for defecography which shows problems with muscles of pelvis and problems with the rectum that won't be helped with laxatives. See anorectal surgeon.
The best. The best meds for constipation are cheap: proper diet and proper fluid intake. Eat a high fiber diet and you don't need fiber supplements. Drink 80 - 100 ounces of non alcoholic, non caffeniated fluids every day. You must break bad habits if you want any relief. There is no magic pill that can replace a helathy lifestyle!