I had a root canal and crown done about a month ago. Now sometimes when I move my head /jump/ run I get a sharp pain in that tooth? Is this normal?

Understand concern. If you had a root canal, the nerve is removed. You should not feel any pain now that the surrounding tissue has healed. If you are having pain like you describe, the surrounding tissue or the tissue beneath the tooth is inflammed or infected. Needs to be examined.
it may happen. Sometimes the tooth may be sensitive for a period of time. Go back to your dentist/endodontist for a one month follow-up.
Post op Pain. During many vigorous activities our jaws bounces our teeth together. Teeth should mesh evenly with balance loading throughout. Teeth after root canal therapy may still have a bruised ligament that holds the root in the bone. An evaluation of this needs to be done to see if a prematurity exists. If it does, delayed healing will occur.Your dds needs to take a look.