I tried some kind of deep meditation for pain control. I don't think I'm meditating right?

Try this. I have suggested this book to many patients: mindfulness meditation for pain relief: guided practices for reclaiming your body and your life jon kabat-zinn (author).
Mindfulness Course. You might want to check for mindfulness-based stress reduction classes in your community -- that way you would have a trained instructor to ask your specific questions. Check for your community on this web site: http://w3.Umassmed.Edu/mbsr/public/searchmember.Aspx this is the program that dr. Jon kabat-zinn (whom dr. Rosenfeld mentioned) started -- and it's now offered all over the world.
Nutrient dense foods. Eat foods that are nutrient dense (like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, low starch vegatables and water) avoid foods that are not nutrient dense (like starches and sugars, including fruit) nutrient dense foods will increase your basal metabolic rate. On the other hand, starches and sugars impair thyroid metabolism via affects on your liver (which helps activate thyroid hormone).
Abdominal breathing. Studies have shown that meditation can have positive effects on your autonomic nervous system, your immune system and your hormonal systems, thus rebalancing your overall metabolism. Proper abdominal breathing techniques are paramount in achieving the relaxation response. You do not need to be a master. Find someone who can teach you this and then practice it consistently.