Unable to sleep can't seem to catch my breath my body is a little achey fast heartbeat and I'm scared to go to sleep wht does it sound like to you?

more info on sleep. There will be important to rule out if your problems to sleep are related to ptsd, which causes restlessness and nightmares; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which worsens when lying down, sleep apnea or other breathing related sleep disorder which causes interrupted sleep, difficulty breathing, and gasping for air; primary insomnia; or if related to any type of depression/anxiety.
Sleep Apnea? . It's either anxiety causing insomnia or perhaps sleep apnea. It does not always occur in obese patient. Some types of sleep apnea can occur in slim patients. Check with your doctor. It must be very uncomfortable to be scared to sleep. I have treated many patients with such a fear. It is understandable and treatable.