Is it ok 2 take vitamin b complex forte with zinc for acne?

Yes . However , vitamins do not generally help acne but as long as the amount of vitamin therapy is not excessive , no harm done.
Yes. Zinc is often very helpful for acne and some b vitamins, esp. B6 may be helpful. See http://healing.About.Com/od/acne/a/acnevitamins.Htm.
Yes. It won't make your acne worse, but it may not help either. Zinc is needed by the skin to heal. Check out some of the acne questions for suggestions on treating acne. Often the simplest method is just keeping the area clean with soap and water. Gentle cleansing, no scrubbing, no squeezing/popping the pimples/white heads/black heads. Otc benzoil peroxide creams can help control bacteria.