What are some tips for traveling with a baby who has colic?

Colic and travel. This has multiple answers depending on age of baby, mode of travel, and distance you are traveling. Most colicky babies love the hum and vibrations of car travel so if your distance is not great this may be best. It also allows you to sop and destress when you need to. If by air, then try and travel at the baby's best time of day and get nonstop flights if possible.
Comfort. Bring familiar things to keep your baby as comfortable as possible such as your baby's car seat, bassinet and sheets. Carry your baby in a sling. Your scent, movement and heartbeat should calm your baby. When flying, give your baby a pacifier when taking off and landing sucking helps equalize the pressure in your baby's ears and also triggers a calming reflex.
More info. Your physician may have additional tips. A cruise might be great because of the lull of the waves. Colicky babies usually love motion. Homeopathic remedies like chamomille or cocyntal may also help with the colic symptoms. Probiotics can sometimes improve colic as well. Travel will be fine if the colic can be addressed first.