I haven't been to the dentist in a decade & I'm embarrassed by the decay. Is there any way to just see the dentist & not the tech cleaning the teeth?

Dentist ; Hygienists. Have seen everything before. They are also trained and dedicated to help patients. You are neither the first or last of patients that have neglected their teeth for an extended period of time ; have some apprehension about going to the dentist. When you first call the office, express your feelings and ask for tlc. Start by seeing the dentist ; take it from there. It will be easier than you think.
Dental embarrassment. Unless it is for emergency treatment, you will need to have an examination including x-rays, a periodontal exam, and a cleaning before any dental treatment. The dental hygienist is a professional...There is no reason to be embarrassed. That being said, when you call for an appointment, explain that you want to see the dentist for an exam and will schedule a cleaning for another visit.