I am coughing up some blood in my mucus, but no fever. Can it be serious?

Could be. There are many reasons for coughing up blood some of which are serious. It is important to have this problem evaluated by your primary care physician.
Yes... Coughing up blood, called hemoptysis, is usually due to bronchitis. However, it can also be due to malignancy. So, you need to see your doctor to rule out malignancy and treat the underlying disorder. If you are smoking, your doctor can help you to quit.

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I have minor headaches, sore throat, a slight fever, and I cough up this yellow/white thick mucus with spots of blood once every morning.

Virus. Viral upper respiratory infections usually start in the throat, spread to the nose and in some cases down to the windpipe and bronchial tubes. If symptoms last longer than 10 days or with fever, shaking chills, sweats or worsening cough, antibiotics and a check up for pneumonia are advisable. Until then a mild cough syrup and gargling with warm salt water is soothing. Tylenol (acetaminophen) for mild fever helps. Read more...

Burning when I cough started out as sore throat two days ago then stuffy nose with yellow green mucus now coughing up same mucus no fever?

Bronchitis. many- -times colds which are viral can lead 2 bronchitis that is bacterial. Get in to see your PCP 4 eval. probably need antibiotics @ this stage. My preference is zithromaz Z pack plus 1 extra capsule. This gives the coverage 4 PPLO infections. Take the same as a Z pack only take You add 1 capsule the first day then finish them out. . Read more...

Have had barking cough for 3 weeks, no fever, ribs hurt bad from coughing, thick mucous I can't cough up. Now lost voice and was in fire 30 days ago.

Go to pulmonary dr. You may be experiencing sequela from inhalation injury from the fire 30 days ago. Irritation of the the lungs and airways can incite an inflammatory response with bronchospam and an outpouring of inflammatory exudate and edema. I hope you feel better soon. Read more...