Tested negative for hsv2 three times. Two cultures and one blood test. Could it be hsv1? Genitally?

Yes to both. Always a possibitlity. Repeat test if needed. That said, does it really matter? Talk to your doctor about the treatment regimen available for each strain (same: anti-viral meds). It used to be hsv-1 was oral; hsv-2 genital. With increased oral sexual activity, the portal of infection becomes irrelevant. Cold sores (oral or genital) are recurrent infections and highly contagious.
Check tests . Usually a herpes culture is done for both herpes one and herpes 2. If either shows up the test will be positive. Herpes blood testing is different. The doctor asks specifically for type one and/or type two testing. You'll need to clarify with the doctor which lab was done and how it works for the culture.