How to stop my loud snoring with over-the-counter stuff?

Duct Tape. Actually you can't stop snoring with otc stuff. Clinical studies have actually shown that there is really no effective otc treatment for snoring. While some may help for individual circumstances. All are uniformly poor in outcomes. You may want to try simple things like breathe right nasal strips or a mandibular advancment device - otherwise see your local ENT for an exam and work up.
Snoring. Be sure you do not have sleep apnea first with a sleep test - if you only have snoring you need an appliance that will bring your jaw forward and not bother your jaw check with your dentist to see if they treat snoring first.
Not easy. Lound snoring is not only annoying, it can be a sign of a much more serious problem called sleep apnea. This cannot be fixed by otc products. It is dangerous and can contribute to a host of health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease and others. Talk to your md about getting a sleep study to confirm.

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Are there good over-the-counter solutions to solve loud snoring?

Maybe. Although there are many home remedies for snoring, very few haave shown any clinical benefit. A recent study perforrmed by air force concluded there was no clinical benefit to 300 of the most commonly marketed home remedies. Some mouth guards show some benefit but they are not made of the same durable material that the professionally fit appliances are so their effectiveness is limited.
It depends. Snoring may also be a sign or symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. It is important to see a doctor who specializes in the upper airway anatomy and to undergo a sleep test to screen for this condition. Today home sleep testing offers a viable alternatiive for screening. Now there are treatments available that are simple, safe, effective and convenient often performed in the office with local.
No. First, you need a sleep test to be sure that you just have snoring and not sleep apnea.
Yes. I agree that it is most important to see a knowledgeable doctor to check if you are at risk for sleep apnea. At home, consider a positioning device that prevents you from sleeping on the back, if snoring is mostly in that position. Alcohol and exercise avoidance within several hours of bedtime may reduce it. Inexpensive oral appliances that advance the jaw could help if tolerated.
OTC Snoring Products. Nope, there are no good otc solutions for snoring. Snoring equates to a blocked airway. Oral decongestants may help a bit. A number of mouth sprays crease "slippery" mucous membranes. Mouth pieces that move the lower jaw forward during sleep may be somewhat helpful. Go see your primary care doctor. Losing weight is generally the best otc solution.
Yes, but... There is a danger in solving snoring issues without addressing potentially serious underlying obstructive sleep apnea problems that can be life shortening and life threatening. Don't put a bandaid to possibly mask such a serious problem. Have an overnight sleep test done to get a firm diagnosis of any underlying problem by a board certified sleep specialist.