How to reduce swollen ankles without using diuretics?

Elevation. Make sure when you sit that ou elevated your legs causing excess fluid from settling on your ankles. Also you can obtain tight stockings at a medical supply store that can reduce swellign in yoru ankles and legs.
Less salt and water. Swelling means intake of fluids is more than output. If you fix this equation you need no diuretics. You need to drink less than what you urinate. Then swelling will decrease and eventually goes away. Because most people with edema do not control intake they end up on diuretics. Salt control makes your body urinate more fluids (less retention) and help you drink less (less thirst).

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Got off plane swollen ankles. Saw dr gave me diuretic, bloodpressure and potasium pill. 3 Days later ankles still swollen and now burning. What can I d?

Go back to Dr. Inactivity like that found on a long plane flght can lead to ankle swelling in susceptible people. However, upon return to normal activity it should resolve. If that has not happened, then you should return to your doctor for testing to rule out causes such as kdney or heart problems. Read more...