How do I naturally cure a stuffy nose?

Congestion. Saline nasal spray or gel moisturizes nasal passages & helps remove mucus as well as bacteria/viruses. If ambient air is dry, running a vaporizer will help loosen mucus. If sinuses ache or have pressure or ears feel "full", an otc decongestant like sudafed may help. (caution if you have high blood pressure; decongestants can raise it.) afrin spray ok for 2-3 days max (same about bp).
Here's 1 technique. Agree w dr. Lewis. Neti pots can reduce nasal congestion. Mix ¼ tsp salt w 1 cup lukewarm water. More salt can also be used. Place solution in neti pot. Tilt head & pour solution into 1 nostril. Blow nose lightly & spit out any liquid that drains into throat. Repeat on other side. This can be done in the evening before you go to bed & again in the morning.