How to get rid of the small white spots on my front teeth?

MI paste. It may not work but it is worth a try if they bother you.
MI Paste. You can use a product called mi paste which is usually obtained through your dentist. Your dentist will usually make you some clear trays that you fill with the material and the slip them over your teeth for approximately 3 minutes daily. The extra Fluoride in the mi paste will help the enamel to remineralize and the white spots to go away.

Related Questions

What to do if I have spots of white on my 2 upper front teeth, any way to get rid of this without buying some kit or anything?

No. There is no magic wand or home remedy currently available. If you do want to see exactly what is causing it and what can be done to remove or repair it, see a dentist, which is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway.

I have small white spots on front teeth. How can I get it removed?

See a dentist. There are a numer of treatments to remove white spots on teeth and it depends how deep ad intense they are. They can be simply removed with some grinding and different pastes, , can also be removed and then bonded to amtch the shade of the rest of the tooth.
Hypocalcifications. These areas are often caused by fever during tooth development. They cannot be removed. They can be covered w certain restorative. Techniques. Ask your dentist what is recommended. Sometimes doing nothing is best.

I have white spots on the back of my teeth. What can I do to get rid of this?

Determine Cause. Are the white spots an intrinsic color of the enamel demineralized enamel, or calculus? Until we know what caused them, it is hard to advise you if they can easily be removed. A local dentist, however, can examine the teeth and let you know what treatment can be rendered. I doubt there is anything you personally can do to eradicate them.
See a dentist. White spots can be several things. It could be intrinsic (ie born that way) or it could be early signs of decay. (ie decalcifiction) decalalcification does not need tx unless it penetrates into the dentin. You can try a Fluoride rich mouth rinse such as act. If it is intrinsic, you can bleach the teeth so the white spots are not as noticeable. See your dentist.

I have white spots on my teeth but they weren't there before, how do they develop? Is it something in my diet? How to get rid of them?

Calcification, Did you bleach your teeth? Or you had braces? If so these whitish spots appear after bleaching, most often they will go after the tooth is dehydrated, or oral hygiene was not good while you have braces. Or they are always there and you never looked or paid close attention, to get rid of them you need to see your dentists, he can determine the depth and best way to remove them use composite to.