How to get rid of a charley horse in my calf?

Rub it. Rubbing can help. If it's recurrent, you could have a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Recommend an evaluation for magnesium, potassium, vitamin d, b12, folate and iron levels including ferritin and %iron saturation.

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How can I get rid of charley horse pain?

Gin and tonic . If you are bothered by charlie horses, take a gin and tonic before going to bed. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and quinine water (tonic water) is one of the oldest cramp medicines known to man. Read more...

How do I get rid of a painful charley horse?

Massage. And stretch them, if they persist make sure you are not dehydrated, have no magnesium or potassium defiinncies and i'd taking any meds for cholesterol to speak to your doc. Read more...