How come I have symtoms of multiple diagnostics? Ex. Ovarian cancer, diabetes, mouth cancer, etc? They are worrying me.

Hmmm. Dear, i think you are a bit hypochondriac. At your age, ovarian cancer or mouth cancer would be remarkably unlikely. Of course, you could be diabetic but so are millions of people who live normal lives. See a doc to get a good exam and alleviate your concerns. You may need counseling as well, nothing wrong with that. You are young and have a whole life ahead of you. Enjoy it!
Symptoms. Since you claim to have so mny symptoms and dont give us any, I am inclined to think you are a hypochondriac. Perhaps a visit to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist is in order.
Counseling. I agree with the others than counseling is a good idea. If you have real symptoms, see your MD ASAP.