How soon does skin cancer appear after being exposed to uv rays?

No time frame. We are all exposed to uv rays daily. It can take years to manifest a malignancy as a result of uv exposure.
Variable...long time. It depends a lot, but usually skin cancers occur months, but usually more like years after exposure. Risk of skin cancer is due to cumulative exposure to sun.
Variable. In certain inherited forms of skin diseases, uv exposure can result in cancers in a very short time. However, in general, years of sun exposure (uva/uvb) are required before skin malignancies develop. Squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma all have uv exposure risk relationships.

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How quickly does skin cancer appear after being exposed to uv rays?

Skin cancer. The sun produces ultraviolet light that can damage the skin. The damage is related to the kind of skin a person has, and the hours of sun exposure, and where on earth the person lives. Many skin cancers, for example, occur in people of irish descent, who live in australia. These light skinned people live in intense sun light. It usually takes many years for sun damaged skin to make skin cancers. Read more...
Usually years. Except in people with uncommon genetic defects, it takes years to decades after sun/uv exposure for skin cancer to develop. Read more...