How do I get rid poison oak from my body quickly?

Poison oak. Corticosteroid skin creams or ointments may reduce inflammation. Carefully follow the instructions when using these creams. Overuse, even of low-strength over-the-counter products, may cause a skin condition. In severe cases, a steroid dose pack is helpful along with a cortisone shot.

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How to get rid of poison oak fast before it spread all over my body?

Poison Ivy. Without proper treatment of topical and oral cortisone the rash of poison ivy can last for weeks. See your doctor for a prescription.
Soap up good/wash. Consider an encounter with poison oak like you got invisible pain on your skin. The rash only shows up where the paint touches. If you soap up good & wash off all the antigen from the plant, it will not spread. Use a cuticle brush to remove it from under your nails. It does not spread from blisters that drain. It can take weeks to dry/ clear. IVY Dry is an OTC product & doc can Rx some others.

What method is there to get rid of poison oak?

Tincture of time. Once the blistering and other skin changes have occurred with this exposure you are left with a wound that will heal over time. Topical steroid creams or ointments can calm down skin inflammation as will injected steroids that will also help reduce itching.

What is the best thing to do to get rid of poison oak, and do cold showers really help poison oak? I got poison oak while bucking hay a few days ago.

Depends on severity. Allergic contact dermatitis from "rhus" includes poison ivy, poison oak, etc. The acute treatment if severe may require oral steroids. If the skin rash is rather limited, topical steroids ointments may help. A thorough laundering and cleaning of clothes and anything else that may have come into contact is necessary. A cool shower may feel better, but removal of the plant resin is best.

I have poison oak and need to get rid of it fast without seeing a doctor how can this be done?

No quick fix. Poison ivy is a chemical contact dermatitis that lasts 10-14 days. Oral steroids can lessen the eruption and partially shorten the course, but they require a prescription. Otc and homeopathic treatments are at best minimally effective. Sorry.