Diagnosed anxiety disorder 2 weeks ago. Had a check up last wk, all ok. Feel tired, giddy, panicy, down, could cry sick of being scared tense is it my disorder?

See previous answer. Please refer to my previous answers on anxiety. Anxiety d/o's manifests with physical symptoms (like yours) , emotional , cognitive (thoughts ) ; "avoidance". The physical symptoms in anxiety are true ; not immagined, can be measured clinically, however they are not emerging from a heart, lung or stomach disease, rather from some misfiring in comand center in the brain . Help is effetive.
Anxiety. I understand your distress. Believe in yourself and your achievements and functioning. Feel good that your Physical check up shows that all systems of the body are OK. “Feeling panicky, giddy, sick of being scared tense are the symptoms of Anxiety. These are treatable with good success. See a Psychiatrist for See a Psychiatrist for •Therapy for stress •Medication •Breathing Relaxation.