Whats the difference between spinal anesthesia andban epidural?

Location... Spinal anesthesia- local anesthesia is administered a a single shot in the subarachnoid space into the spinal fluid. It has rapid onset, provides profound surgical anesthesia and causes loss of muscle control below the blok level. Epidural- local anes is administered in the epidural space outside of the membrane which contains the spinal fluid through a catheter slower, but titrateable.
location and dosage . Spinal anesthesia is drugs administered into the spinal space, where the brain, brainstem, spinal cord and spinal nerves are located, all surrounded by spinal fluid. Give a small dose of drug. Epidural anesthesia is placed outside of the spinal space in the epidural space, a potential space, where nerves come out of the spinal space and are insulated.Larger dose of drug. Technically more difficult.