I have localized swelling between two teeth which bleeds sometimes. I did x-rays, had gum cleaning surgery, and I use floss and waterpick it stil bleeds?

See a periodontist. There is a high probability that you have localized periodontitis. If you are still having bleeding despite regular hygiene maintenance visits and good oral hygiene habits, it is like there is an undiagnosed periodontal condition that requires additional treatment. Sometimes it may not even be related to tartar, it may be a defective filling or crown causing the periodontal inflammation.
see dentist. If have gum swelling could be abscess or accute inflammation..Hard to say and that can cause bleeding..Can happen even after gum cleaning..There are various reasons so get it checked by your dentist when swelling is present so they can treat accordingly.
Your dentist. Is the only one who can advise you as to what's going on, and what needs to be done. When was the last time you saw him\her? If your dentist can't explain the problem or how to resolve it, check with another dentist or a periodontist.