Fear of going a schizophrenic going homicidal. How do you watch him every day?

Consult with his Dr. If there is violence/homicidal risk or even concern, share your concerns with his psychiatrist and let him/her decide whether he can be managed outpatient or should be hospitalized to get stabilized on the meds... Do this asap, to be in the safe side, but also to help your loved one; a hicidal space is extremely difficult space to be in. Best wishes to you!
Schizophrn.+violence. Contrary to popular myth, most schizophrenics rarely get it together for assault or capital crime. So majority of time, sc folks keep to themselves, may show odd, disorganized speech+behavior, have poor social/work function. Sc paranoid type, tho, due to anger and suspiciousness can "misinterpret" people and things around them, and lash out from fear or false belief others up to no good, mean harm.