What is the difference between retroverted and non retroverted uterus?

Tipped Backwards. A retroverted uterus is tilted backwards towards the spine. Between 1 in 3 and 1 in 5 women (depending on the source) has a retroverted uterus. It can be associated with back pain or pain during intercourse. The uterus is typically tilted anteriorly towards the bladder. There should be no effect on fertility.
Backward tilt. A retroverted uterus is one that's tilted towards your back, rather than your abdomen; it occurs in 20% of women and does not have symptoms, RARELY associated with discomfort. It can't be prevented and there's no need to treat b/c it won't affect your fertility/ability to continue a pregnancy/have a vaginal delivery. It can only be a problem if caused by past surgeries/endometriosis, otherwise OK.