Reactive hypoglycemia due to adrenal fatigue. On low-glycemic diet (day 2).Craving for sugar+salty foods. Is it normal? How long it takes 2 recover fully?

complex problem. Adrenal fatique/insufficiency is rare, especially in your age group. Okay to ask your doc about adrenal replacement to help control these symptoms. Take friend/family with you to ask questions, understand your doc. Recovery will be related to replacement adrenal therapy. Be well.
weeks to months. Carb and salt cravings with a.F. Can be an issue from weeks to months depending on adrenal function level. From health food store get some adrenal support supplements and then i would add some 5-htp 100mg 1-2 caps twice daily to help curb cravings by increasing serotonin. Sea or himalayan salt in glass of water till it tastes ok will help with salt craving without food calories.