43, canadian, suffer with chronic constiption, horrible bloating, abdominal pain. Grandad had colon cancer and my doc won't send me for colonoscopy?

colonoscopy. The age at which people begin screening for colon cancer via a colonoscopy is 50. However, in patients with a strong family history of colon cancer, certain patients with polyps, GI bleeding or significant symptoms a colonoscopy may be performed at any age. See a GI specialist if your questions are not being answered.
IBS? Chronic constipation and cancer do not generally go together. Sudden constipation and obstruction are associated with colon cancer. Risk of colon cancer is not generally increased with a granddad unless cancer occurred at very early age. Would have to assume you have already been evaluated for other causes of constipation. If all negative consider constipation predominant ibs.
colonoscopy is neces. Your grand dad is second degree family history. You should get colonoscopy.