Do people who have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis have a shorter life expectancy than regular people?

See below. A new study has found that people with rheumatoid arthritis appear to age faster than people without the disease, a finding that may help to explain why those with the condition have shorter life expectancies.
Inflammation and... Inflammation which is chronic, will definitely decrease lifespan. Also, if untreated, or not well treated, inability to exercise, and drugs like prednisone, which causes metabolic syndrome, can shorten lifespan, since Prednisone causes obesity and Insulin resistance!

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Does having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis affect people's life expectancy?

It can if not treate. It can if not treated properly and the complications will affect the life expectancy it is a chronic disease but can go into remissions and 75% of patients go into remission and they have good prognosis.

I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. How can I get more iron?

Iron rich foods. Foods such a leafy green vegetables (kale), lean red meats, beans, shellfish, nuts and fortified cereals are high in iron. The iron will be absorbed more readily if eaten with foods that contain Vitamin C such as bell peppers, parsley, broccolli, orange juice, kiwi, cooked tomatoes and strawberries.

Do children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis have to limit activities?

Only within reason. Patients with jra should avoid high impact activities such as running and are better to pursue non-impact sports such as swimming, bike riding, cross country skiing, etc. There have been however remarkable advances in treatment by dmards (disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs)that modify the body's response to infection and disease and may thereby allow unrestricted sport.
Yes. Ra (also called jia) for juvenille idiopathic arthritis is a disease of unknown etiology. There are many theories for why it happens, many believe there is a virus responsible. Pain and stiffness may limit activity. Appropriate treatment can vastly benefit the patient, and a pediatric rheumatologist can be your best friend.

I'm a 18 year old with I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. What can I do for it?

SEE RHEUMATOLOGIST. This is a very demanding disease that we are treating with a wide array of "disease modifying " agents. Takes some skill and patients to manage well.

Can I possibly have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?

Unlikely. The onset at age 49 is unlikely. Since you do not mention your symptoms, there is no way to definitively answer your question.

How to tell if I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?

See details. At age 43 that would be unlikely. However, if you have an inflammatory arthritis, see a rheumatologist.

Help? I believe I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?

At age 34. You wouldn't have jra unless the diagnosis was made at least 18 years ago. There are many causes of joint and tissue inflammation and pain : rheumatoid positive arthritis, rheum negative, lyme, lupus, fibromyalgia. Diabetes, thyroid disease and others see a physician. Start with an internist or family practitioner who can then evaluate you.