Can you have oral herpes viruses in your saliva but never have sores?

Its possible. Oral herpes virus could be found in the mouth without the presence of sores.
Possible. Shedding of herpes virus in the mouth without overt lesions has been demonstrated, as has shedding from the vaginal barrel in the case of genital herpes infection.

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If partner has oral herpes type1 and lubricated his genitals with his saliva can I get the virus? And then we proceeded to have unprotected sex. I have oral herpes 1 as well and 2 weeks ago I had my very first outbreak

Only temporarily. A woman who already had Herpes 1 a while back, will already have antibodies that stop Herpes 1 viruses. If that saliva-coated penis transferred Herpes 1 viruses into her vagina, she has the viruses temporarily... but only until her antibodies zap them. Thus, if her immune system is working well, her antibodies should prevent new Herpes 1 viruses from taking root on or in her genitals. Read more...

I have the oral herpes, had sex with someone I think I passed the virus to, a little of his saliva touched my genital area, can I get genital herpes?

No risk. People are resistant to new infections with the same HSV type they already have. You will not catch a new HSV1 infection anywhere on your body, especially with the same virus strain already infecting your mouth. Also, HSV is not transmitted by such brief contact with saliva; the virus must be massaged into tissues. So no worries! Of course you could still catch HSV2 if sexually exposed to it. Read more...