Can you have hyperthyroidism without a low tsh?

Yes. If the problem is in the pituitary or hypothalamus, you can have high tsh, high ft4 and high ft3. This is very rare but can happen.

Related Questions

Does medication for low TSH hyperthyroidism cause you to gain weight?

Thyroid and weight. As the medication (eg. Methimazole) normalizes your thyroid levels, your metabolic rate will return to normal. Your appetite, however, may still be in hyper-mode. Weight gain is common, but if you take care with what you eat you can minimize this.

In hyperthyroidism, would a low TSH be caused by a pituatary tumor? If so, what would blood tests indicate?

TSH. Tsh, thyroid stimulating hormone (or thyrotropin), is made by the pituitary gland in the brain and signals the thyroid to make thyroid hormone. In hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormone, made by the thyroid, circulates in the blood to the pituitary gland to lower tsh.

With low TSH levels hyperthyroid is off the table right? What other issues, full normal blood panel, could cause a major weight loss?

No. Tsh is the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. When the pituitary senses the blood thyroid level is too low it secretes more to stimulate the thyroid to release. Secondary hypothyroid will usually present with a low TSH but is rare. Sorry but you may have it wrong.
Low tsh? Normal TSH values fall within a range. If the TSH is low, or in other words, below the lower limit of normal, it may suggest your thyroid is overactive. When your body produces too much thyroid hormone, the brain tries to compensate by making less tsh, and therefore the levels show up low.

I'm concerned. I have a low TSH and high t4. I'm symptomatic of hyperthyroidism. Can't take ptu (propylthiouracil) or tapazole. What happens now?

Diagnosis first. You may or may not have grave's disease. Your doctor needs to determine the cause of your test results before treating test results. Meanwhile, if not contraindicated, a beta blocker could be useful in terms of treating hyperthyroid symptoms. Causes of your hyperthyroidism also include: hashimoto's, subacute thyroiditis, and toxic thyroid nodule.