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Would it be safe for a teen to use birth control pills and skip placebos every other month, to get less periods?

Birth Control. If her periods are regular this is generally safe, however, you would want to check with her prescribing doctor who knows her history and medical conditions before you do this.

I am on regular birth control pills. I took Plan B the first day of my placebo week because of condom failure. Could Plan B make me miss my period?

Maybe. If you were taking the birth control pills regularly it is very unlikely that you would become pregnant...Even with a broken condom. The condom is helping very little with your contraception but using a condom can be a good way to prevent some stds, not all. Plan b could alter your period. Just begin your next pill cycle on the correct day. Get a pregnancy test done to prove you are not pregnant.

I got my period 8 days early and I'm on the pill. Should I continue my pack normally? Hello! I am on Yaz birth control pills (been on it for about 4 years) and last month, I did the trick where I skipped the placebos and went straight to my next back in o

Extended. Extended cycle contraception is effective for "scheduling" your menstrual period. Some women can tolerate long periods of continuous hormones others break through with spotting or bleeding. When this happens you may want to take 5-7 days off (use back up contraception) and then start a new pack.

On my second pack of birth control pills, stopped taking placebo pills of first pack 4 days in. Started a new pack on day 3 of period, am I protected?

Probably. I cannot tell exactly from your question, but as long as you did not go more than 7 days between the last active hormone pill of the first pack and the first active pill of the second pack, then you should be covered. You don't need to swallow the placebo pills, but they help you stay on time with the routine.

How many days after taking ciprofloxacin will my birth control pills become affective again. I am taking the placebos now due to period Starting soon.

Next package. Anything that effects the effectiveness of oral contraceptives pretty much does so only for the pack you are on while using it. If you simply continued your pack while taking the cipro, (ciprofloxacin) you should be protected when you start the new pack as long as you didn't miss any pills. Hope this helps.