I quit meth, but my friends still do it. Can I still hang out with them and remain sober?

Bad idea. The risk of relapse would be very high.
Possibly. But unlikely. Aa has a great saying: sit in a barber shop chair long enough and you eventually get a haircut. Your friends provide too many triggers and sometimes the desire to be with your friends is really the desire to use drugs.
NO. For someone newly sober I have yet to see this workout, addiction is in the brain, and the addicted brain responds to triggers that a person is not consciously aware of, by the time you are aware, already to late. I'm not saying everyone relapses but they either do or "messed up in head" for a while, having a sponsor or sober friend and picking up the phone asap can be a life saver.
Too tempting. Meth is very addictive. The temptation would be too great. You would eventually go back to using it. To quote a great source, "don't be unequally yoked.".