Lower back pain around spine for 2wks. Pain eases off a little at times then it returns. Not taken OTC or prescription pain med. What can this be? Treatment?

Pinched Nerve/Muscle. Most times back pain that is sudden onset will resolve. You should use anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen, aleve around the clock and even tylenol (acetaminophen) to help. If this does not resolve you should see doctor for a muscle relaxant as well. If it still does not resolve, i would recommend seeing a spine specialist for a full evaluation and testing. You may need to get an MRI to see inside the back.
Lumbar spine pain. This could be lumbar spine spasms that could be due to acute lumbar muscle strain or if it persists, could be due to a disc herniation. If the back pain worsens (severity worsens or it becomes more disabling more days during the week) as time goes on or (more importantly) if the pain travels down the leg(s) then seek medical attention.