Colon cancer. Do you always have to have blood seen in your stools?

No. However, blood in stool should definitely be a flag. That is why colonoscopy is being recommenced as a screening tool....To find cancer before they cause obstruction or bleed enough to be detected. Screening criteria are always changing with the research. Your doctor will guide you.
No, almost never. Most of the time there is no visible blood in stools with colon cancer. There may be so called occult blood that requires a test on the feces.
Not always. Rectal bleeding can happen in almost 40-50% cases. Other symptoms that can happen include abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, weakness, anemia without other gastrointestinal symptoms, weight loss. Sometimes, colon cancer also can happen without having any significant symptoms-but is found during colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is very important screening test. Do not wait until you see bleeding.

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Can anybody please explain to me why colon cancer so rare at 22? Even if I seen bright blood on stool? More than one doctor please chime in and help me understand what percentage of cases of colon cancer are there by age group

Here is the data. From 2005-2009, the median age at diagnosis for cancer of the colon and rectum was 69 years of age3. Approximately 0.1% were diagnosed under age 20; 1.1% between 20 and 34; 4.0% between 35 and 44; 13.4% between 45 and 54; 20.4% between 55 and 64; 24.0% between 65 and 74; 25.0% between 75 and 84; and 12.0% 85+ years of age. See your doctor cancer is not the only cause of rectal bleeding.
See a doc. Tyree - you have numerous questions regarding this, which is fine, but it does indicate that you are genuinely concerned about this. Yes - a 22 year old can have colon cancer, but it is much less frequent. When somebody at age 22 has colon ca, they usually have a family history that would clue in to it. Given your level of concern, visit a GI doc to discuss further in person.

Which stage of colon cancer involves blood in the stool?

Bleeding is not. One of staging criteria for colon cancer. Blood in stool is a relatively advanced sign of colon cancer, as is pain. You need a colonoscopy for early diagnosis of colon cancer.
Bright. Blood in stool tends to come from rectum or anus, and it draws attention. One cannot stage by production of blood. The stage is determined by penetration through the gut wall, and whether nodes, or distant sites are involved.

What to do if I have blood in my stools sometimes, does that nescesarily mean I have colon cancer?

No. Most common cause of bleeding with stool is hemorrhoids. One cannot really tell the cause of bleeding by history alone and people with recurrent bleeding need to have colonoscopy to ensure they do not have any cancer.

No history of colon cancer in fam. This morning my stool was hard coming out saw a drop of blood on stool. Should I worry?

No. One drop of blood in a hard and difficult to pass stool is normal - if it recurs, have it checked out. Increasing fiber in your diet and fluids may help. Try to have more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. They will make the stool softer, providing you have adequate fluids. Best of health to you.

What is the survivability rate of colon cancer is a 28 year old male very good or very bad and is blood in the stool always common or not?

You have a confusing.. Mixture of questions. 1. Survival rate depends on the stage, the lower the better. 2. At 28, colon cancer is rare but possible. Younger patients handle treatment better but stage is more important for survival. 3. Blood in stool is neither common nor normal. Needs to be evaluated. Try asking one question at a time please.
Colon Cancer? Do you have colon cancer? Are is this your brain and mind panicking because you have constipation?
Stage dependent! Survivability is dependent on stage of a cancer i.E extent of cancer. If it is early cancer (stage 1 or 2) there is a high cure rate. But even late stage colon cancers can be cured with proper treatment. So you need to tell us some more about his stage and treatmentss being done.

I'm 22 and sometimes I see fresh bright blood on top of stool how likely is it colon cancer?

Not likely. At your age it would be very unusual to be colon cancer. If the blood is bright red and on the tip or the end of the stool or on the paper it is likely to be hemorrhoids. I wouldn't worry too much. You can use hemorrhoid cream and make sure the stools are soft and that should resolve.
Very unlikely. It is very unlikely that this is colorectal cancer. You should see your doctor and get examined with a rectal exam and discuss a colonoscopy with your doctor. This is especially true if you have a family history of crc.