Causes for soreness and some stabbing pain in my breasts?

Try cutting caffeine. Coffee, tea, and soda can cause breast pain. Eliminate them for a month and see how you feel. Ok to use pain pills too (like naproxen) but take with food!

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Sharp stabbing pain in left breast on and off for 2 years now. Different from PMS breast soreness. What is it? Breast cancer runs in my family..

Breast Awareness. Transient sharp pains are often harmless and occur when you are anxious about a possible problem. You should get a physical exam by your doctor once yearly so that he /she can check you for any lumps. You should also look and feel your breast once monthly and be aware of what is normal(now) and be able to see any changes in size, shape or deformity affecting one breast over the other. Read more...

I'm 27 at times I hav soreness in my left breast & armpit sometimes stabbing pain it's not cyclical. I'm very worried. My grandmas had breast cancer?

Worried. I understand your worry over your symptoms. I certainly would not want you to have persistent worry and I recommend even just for that reason, that you let a physician exam your breasts and if warranted, refer you for a mammogram. Read more...