Do you see a problem with long term use of alprazolam. 5 2x in overnight for rest and sleep. I am being treated for hypertension. It works for me.

Anxiety, Alprazolam. Thank you for informing taking Alprazolam, Acyclovir and Catapres Let the Wise Man in you Reflect: •Need for Alprazolam for sleep when Both Acyclovir and Catapres cause sleepiness •Stressors in life causing Anxiety, thus wanting to have rest or not to take care of unpleasant feelings •Use of Alcohol contributing to insomnia •To see Psychiatrist for Therapy for stresses and unresolved feelings.
Alprazolam is not. Sleeping medicine . It should not be used as sleep aid . It is highly addictive as well as it has multiple side effect including memory problem, balance issue and severe withdrawal if stopped suddenly even for a day . This medicine is meant to be used as short term anti anxiety /panic medication until the main medication start working.
Alprazolam. Taking 1 mg Alprazolam every night will lead to habituation, and also possibly tolerance. Your body could experience withdrawal symptoms if you miss a dose, and you may need more medicine for the same effect over time. Alprazolam is not really a sleep medication. Please discuss your insomnia with your doctor -- i see you also list anxiety as a condition. Consulting a psychiatrist may help too.
Every drug . has risks and side effects. There are some studies that suggest an increased risk of lung cancer and increased mortality rates with long term usage of anxiolytics like alprazolam, so these drugs, and all drugs, should be used judiciously and only when medically indicated. Alprazolam would make it easier for anyone to fall asleep, but is it medically necessary in your case? Talk to your doc abou.
Prob OK, check w/ MD. Aprazolam (Xanax) s normally used for anxiety disorders, although it can help with sleep. It's long acting, usually only one dose daily. If prescribed for anxiety but you find that taking it bedtime helps you sleep, there's probably no reason not to do so. But if you mean you take 0.5 mg twice during the night, probably better to take both pills at bedtime. Check with the doc who prescribed it.