I have been having night terrors the last couple. Nights. I used to have them as a child. They are now causing me to be exhausted. What can I do?

Night Terrors. Recurrence of night terrors may be due to certain factors. It can be from improper nutrition, hypoglycemia, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea. Yoy have to think about these causes. And some time it can also be due to some one going through stressful situation in life. Once you deyermine if any of these are causing terrors then you can be treatedtherapy and night time meds like Valium or Xanax (alprazolam) may help.
See doc/psychiatrist. Something may have happened recently and thus triggered your night terror etc...If you are taking new meds, possible side could be bad dreams. I assume you are well in general and on no meds? If so, consult your doc or psychiatrist to help you figure why u r having them and find ways to treat/suppress them. Good luck..