My son was born with weak facial nerves on one side thought to be his 7th nerve. We have not had much luck of how to help him. Can you help?

Maybe. A typical workup for this would include an MRI of the brain and possibly a ct scan of the ear bones. A full workup (history and physical) is necessary to look for additional signs and symptoms that would lead to the diagnosis. Only after an accurate diagnosis is made can treatment options be discussed.
Facial palsy neonata. I dont know how old your baby is. Facial (7th cranial neve) palsy is a rare complication of normal vaginal delivery, or when forceps are used and sometime when the baby is too big through difficult vaginal delivery. It causes assymetery of face and baby is not able to close affected eye. Most of the time it corrects by itself, but sometimes when some of the signs persist then you need therapy. See urmd.